Things to do Thursday!

If you’re NOT busy with sports like we always are…Here are some fun ideas to do with the kiddos this weekend!

  •  It’s getting nice outside for us lucky Vegas residents, so get out to the park!  Enjoy the weather before it gets blistering hot!!  Did your kids get a new bike over the holidays?  Get those training wheels on (or take them off!) and get outside!
  •  Saturdays are great days to spend at the library, so don’t forget this free option for story time!
  • If you’re a crafty parent, check out Fun Craft Kids!  They always have great ideas, here is my favorite from the last few I’ve seen!
  •  Also, craft-related, if you celebrate Easter, it’s the perfect time to start decorating!!

Enjoy your weekend and let me know what kept you busy!



Things to do Thursday!

Here are some great craft ideas for this weekend from Fun Crafts Kids…

  • snowglobe love!

  • cardboard tube projects!

  • Pipe cleaner crafts

Hope you have a great weekend!!


Things to do Thursday!

We have a crazy busy softball weekend coming up, but here are some awesome craft ideas for you!!

These ideas are from Fun Crafts Kids FB

  • Just Keep Swimming!

  • Reuse your Easter Eggs!!

Photo: Plastic Easter eggs painted like skulls for Halloween candy<br />
1,000,000 Recycling Ideas :)<br />
#upcycle #reduce #recycling #reuse #ideas #new #creativeideas


  • A new way to make a ring holder

Hope you have a wonderful & fun weekend!!


Things to do Thursday!

Here are a couple of ideas of what Ava and I did last weekend and what we typically do on weekends!


I wanted to find a unique way of displaying the artwork Ava comes home from school with every week.  This was very simple!  All I did was nail some string into the empty wall (or you can use push pins) and used clothes pins to hang up the artwork.  When it gets full I have a binder ready to put away our favorite pieces.  Having her choose which ones she wants to keep helps include her in the process and to teach her not to be a hoarder!  🙂

We also LOVE playing games!  We always play at least 3 games twice.  It’s a great way to get away from electronic devices including the television and it also keeps us out of the Vegas heat! 🙂

What are some of your favorite things to go on the weekends?


Things to do Thursday!

Here are some fun ideas to do with the kids this weekend!

From Learning 4 kids FB Page:

  • Lavender Scented Play dough!

  • Salt Tray Hidden Shapes!

  • Great idea for writing numbers!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Things to do Thursday!

For all those going back to school Monday, here is a German tradition that I am passing down to my daughter.  It’s called a schultuete, or kinder cone.  It’s given to the child after the first day off school and is really simple to make!!  It’s to celebrate the first day of school and is filled with candy, toys, and or school supplies.

I’ll post a picture of Ava with hers on Monday! 🙂





Things to do Thursday!

It’s the end of my work week for me, yay!!  Here is a great idea to do with or for the kids this weekend!   This is a great idea if you are limited for play space. 🙂

I transformed my daughter’s playroom closet into a little reading/play area to give her something different. 🙂




I bought a kindercare mat from Target, a basket to put books in (2 simple screws to hang on the wall), a locker mirror, a easy-to-use hook, and 2 bed pillows.  I added a pink sarong and an orange sarong, that I rarely used, for decoration, and covered the mat with an old sheet and an old comforter that she hardly ever used but was perfectly princess material!

20140808_210644   20140808_211414   20140809_204618

She absolutely loves hanging out in her little extra special space.

Hope you have a great weekend!!  🙂


Things to do Thursday!

Here are some awesome kid ideas for us to all try out that I found via the Planning with Kids fb page!!


Since school is starting soon (if it hasn’t already started where you are…), here are some great snack/lunch box ideas!

and if you feel like tackling your fridge…


Hope you all have an awesome weekend!!  🙂


Things to do Thursday!

Here are some fun ideas to do with the kiddos this weekend from Toddler Approved!

  • Lets get ready for Kindergarten!  I will definitely be trying some of these out with Ava!

  • Here are some creepy crawly crafts!

  • 5 minute backyard teepee!


From my family to yours, have a great weekend!! 🙂




Things to do Thursday!

A great idea  for something to do this weekend would be to get some school shopping done!  🙂  I took my soon-to-be-kindergartener to Target tonight and got her supplies!  She was so excited!  Next up will be school uniforms! 🙂  Target is the best with having everything SOOO super organized!  Love it!!

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