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What are you willing to do?

Are you doing what you’ve always wanted to do?  Do you have your dream job or are you solely working where you are simply because you think you have to?

I’ve had mine in my head for the past 7 years…yep 7 years…and it’s not what I’m doing right now.  My dream and my goal is to work from home…to be home with my family and to be able to fulfill my passion of helping other women and moms like me.  Ever since my boyfriend and I moved in together I have become more dedicated to making that dream become a reality.  I know I can.  By April 13, 2017 I will make that dream my reality.

What dream are you chasing?  Or are you already there?



Hello Mommas!

Hello my beautiful mommas!

I am looking for 10 moms who are wanting to lose between 5-15lbs at HOME and are ready to commit 110% to healthy eating and working out for JUST 21 days!

One of my challengers who was in my 5 day clean eating group lost 5.1lbs and 1.5”!  Hard to beat that for just 5 days!  I want to show you that it can be done and that you CAN DO IT!  If you’re looking for a healthy and supportive group of women to help you get started comment below “I’m in!” or send me an email: mavaphillips@aol.com



6 Days of Opportunity!!

I’ve had lots of moms reach out to me asking about how to get a healthy start to a busy mommas day! My secret….Shakeology! Seriously!! It’s no joke.. I can’t imagine what I would do without it, well I can….I’d either go hungry and gorge at lunch or raid the vending machine!


*Why should I drink shakeology?

*How is it different from other shakes?

*What is in shakeology?

*Is it worth the money?

I was right there with all those questions a year and a half ago when I finally bit the bullet and tried it for the first time as well.  I am so grateful that I did!! Another part? I’m so glad I tried more than one flavor, because what I thought I would love (chocolate), I ended up hating and now love a flavor that I NEVER would have guessed (strawberry!)! I’ve done a TON of research on this superfood shake and it meets all of my needs!!

I understand that it’s hard to figure out what’s good and what’s not anymore with how our world is because EVERYTHING you read contradicts itself . Marketing is out to get you, food labels are confusing, and as consumers we are left with a crazy amount of choices. So I’ve decided to run a 6 day group where you get to try it out and see if it’s something you want to invest in as well as answer all of those questions and more in just 6 days.

Our group starts NEXT Monday, April 18th! Interested? Just comment below and I’ll get the details to you!

*You cannot be a coach or working with one to participate*



Wake up!

Within the past year I have become involved with learning about human trafficking. I have been moved to learn more and somehow get involved either before I finish school or during…so when I came across this article by Huffpost Women, I wanted to share…this is an ugly problem society often ignores…it’s time we wake up.



Puppy Love

Ava has been asking for a dog for about 2 years now.  I compromised with 2 kittens instead.  After all, I was working a lot, going to school and we were always on the go…and living in an apartment.  It was great, cats are SOOO much easier to take care of and are extremely self-sufficient for those long days alone.  Then both of her labs at her dad’s house died within a couple of months of each other….she was devastated.  Soon my work slowed down and we found a house to rent.   I didn’t mention it…but children don’t forget these things…so I did another compromise and said we could get one but it had to be a small dog.
So the research began….I was leaning toward a dacshund and even did a quick glimpse at chihuahuas…but I really didn’t want a yappy dog.  Then pugs entered the search, I did a quick poll on FB and found several friends strongly recommending the breed.  Soon after I put in an application with the Southern Nevada Pug Rescue Group.  They had only a couple of pugs available and all were adults.  This was perfect because my time of potty training, both humans and animals, is over.  Within a few weeks Moss was brought over.  I know, it’s not a name I would ever choose but he’s 4-5 years old, so we “cutened” it up to Mossie.  🙂  With the exception of getting protective whenever the doorbell rings or the mishap of the 4th of July (long story, just glad it’s over), I truly do not see why anyone would give him up.  He was kennel trained in 2 days, he immediately found the backdoor and lets us know every time he needs to go out, he moves his bowl if he ever needs just a little more food (after all, we’re still learning how much he really needs to eat), he loves to cuddle, he listens when we tell him to get off Ava’s seat on the couch, and he sleeps a LOT!!!!  We really got lucky with little Mossie!  Another great thing about the Southern Nevada Pug Rescue is that you get 2 weeks before the adoption is made official (you can adopt earlier if you want…), which gives plenty of time to make sure the dog you chose will work out for you and your family. Also, the adoption fee (which ranges between $150-300 depending on age and health factors) includes current shots and spay/neuter.  Mossie turned out to be a puggle, being mostly pug, and we couldn’t be happier!





Summer Savings!

So we just moved from about a 900 sq ft apartment into an almost 1700 sq ft house, right before summer…if I had thought ahead I would’ve moved after the Las Vegas summer, but alas, here we are.  So I’ve been searching for ways to cut down my power bill.

  • I already turn lights off when the room isn’t being used.
  • I also make sure not to leave the fridge open for too long.
  • I closed 2 of the vents downstairs so the air gets redirected to the upstairs.
  • All of the blinds stay closed.

Here’s what I did immediately after moving in…

  • the house already had blinds in the windows (thank goodness!!) but the house only has 1 ceiling fan, in the master bedroom… so I put black out curtains in my daughter’s bedroom, my bedroom, the window by the front door, and just today I put some up in my living room (and they will always stay drawn).
  • I put a small fan in my daughter’s room and I bought 2 small ones for the kitchen area and my bathroom.  The way the house sits the sun hones in on my bedroom and the bathroom is relatively warm throughout the day.
  • I also put a rotating fan at the top of the stairs to keep the cool air up there as much as possible.  (heat rises, cold air stays down)

I then went to my power company’s website and got some more tips. So here is what I’ll be changing.

  • Thermastat will stay between 79-80 while we’re sleeping and while we’re home during the day it’ll stay at 80.  When we’re away for the day or a few hours, the theramstat will be set to 83.  (I know that sounds hot, but with having the fans in the right spots it really makes a difference!)
  • Running dish washer only over night as well as running the washer & dryer as late in the evening as possible.
  • Will be installing a ceiling fan in my daughter’s room.  The only way I can keep the temperature at 79-80 degrees at night is if she has a ceiling fan because I don’t want her getting over-heated and leading to more nosebleeds.
  • I will go back to doing the weekly cooking on Sundays this way the oven use will be contained and not during the hottest time of day.

Here are some more great tips!  https://www.nvenergy.com/home/saveenergy/energytips.cfm


Stay cool without going broke!!




Another one down!

Today was such a HUGE day for me. I got my 2nd degree, my Bachelor’s in Psychology!!  I can’t even begin to describe the incredible emotions I felt today.  Now, I still have 4 weeks of classes to go, but having the opportunity to walk across that stage KNOWING it’s really that close and it’s REALLY happening was amazing!

I started this journey 2 years ago.  I knew career-wise that I didn’t want to be one of the “stuck” ones.  I have dreams, I have goals, and most importantly I have a daughter whom I want to go after her dreams and goals.  How can I tell her to go after her dreams and goals if I don’t?  It just doesn’t work like that.  I don’t want to watch her as she’s looking at colleges and have her want it because I failed, I want her to want it because she saw me succeed!

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have the amount of support that I had today… remember that the sky truly is the limit. If you want something GO AFTER IT!!  Don’t let anyone or anything get in your way!  I’m on my way and I’m certainly not stopping because I will not be one of the ones who looks back with regret…nope, not me!








Don’t leave home without these 8 items if you have kids!!

  1. At least 1 coat or sweater per child..and keep it in the trunk.
  2. Small first aid kit or box of bandaids. I went a few months without opening the box and then out of nowhere I’ve used them and my daughter has needed them within the past 3 weeks! So glad I had them in the glove box!
  3. Extra plastic grocery bags. I actually have a small trash bag that sits in the back with my daughter, at her feet, and it has a small container on the side for extra.
  4. Sunglasses. My daughter ALWAYS forgets hers so it’s nice to have an extra pair that stays in the car.
  5. Tissues, tissues, and more tissues!! I have a box of Kleenex that sits in the back seat on the floor and I also have the individual packages in the glove box (and center console) for backups. Unfortunately, my daughter gets a lot of nosebleeds so these come in handy. (I really should buy stock in them!)
  6. Nail clippers. I thought about keeping a pair of scissors in the car, but they are too big and just not that safe with small children. So I keep a pair of nail clippers in my center console for any time that I need to cut something. I use them a lot when we buy something at the store that has a plastic ring and we want to use it right away.
  7. A small emergency toy bag. If we’re going out for the day running errands, even if it’s just 1 errand, I have my daughter pack a small backpack of toys and snacks. This way if the errand(s) take longer than expected she doesn’t get bored and I keep my sanity (I’ll take all the help I can get!)!
  8. I also keep a towel in the trunk of my car. You never when there’s an accidental spill or a spur of the moment trip to the water park now that the temps in Vegas have passed 100! 🙂

I have a small bin in my trunk where I keep most of these items. This keeps my trunk clutter free and things don’t go flying all over the place! 🙂