Learning to Accept Your Calling…

I feel like I can finally breathe again.  For almost a year now I have been struggling with accepting my niche, my calling.  Yep, I said “accepting” not “finding”.  I found that I am great motivator and love helping people find their best version of themselves.  But with resistance for what that meant I would have to do for myself I took a step back (I know what I need to do, but damn it I’m not doing it!).  With a lot of encouragement from my boyfriend and a close friend who took her own risk to go after her passion, I signed back up with Beachbody.  But this time had to be different, after all as with any business if I fail myself I’m failing all the people I’m meant to help as well!  So I made the decision to take it slow in the beginning, to get my bearings, (we just moved, there was a desk to order and organizing to do first!)  to run this business the way I want to run it.  To focus on helping people and not focusing on just making sales.   

What I love the MOST about Beachbody (other than Shakeology!) is that I can run it any way that I want to (ethically of course), if I want to make it a hobby, I don’t need to do much, if I want it to be successful and provide for my family, then there’s work to be done!  But either way, it’s 100% up to me!! 

 Am I doing everything for free?  Well, I will be running some legitimately free challenge groups each month, but I will also be running Beachbody challenge groups for those who want to see what being a Beachbody client has to offer!  Because yes, I’m all about helping people, but it’s also my business.   So here I am!  I entered my first contest for most inches lost that runs the month of March.  Next week starts a free 5 day clean eating group that I am doing with other coaches and then I’ll be offering free challenge groups to those who just want to see what BB is about, and for those who just need that motivation and accountability to stay on track! Message me if you’re curious about what it is that I’m doing!  If you stick with me, you’ll learn that “Free” means free, I care very much about my name and will do whatever I can to help you get your healthy version back!!






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