Happy New Year!!

I hope you all had a great 2015! It was a big year for us and we are really looking forward to see what 2016 will bring us!

If you don’t already have one, make a 2016 memory jar! We love opening everything we’ve written throughout the year!  



No more Santa lines??!!

No more Santa lines? Whaaaat? So every year we always dread going to see Santa because of those nasty lines. Then last year we ran into the whole concept of texting your place in line. It was still a 10 minute wait, but it was pretty awesome! This year is even better, or at least will hopefully be! We were able to schedule an appointment time with Santa (all at the same location we always go to)! There was a $20 deposit for the appointment, but that will go towards any picture purchase so it’s money I would be spending anyway. Finally! Now parents can be excited for the line to see Santa!! 

Monday Motivation!!

Here’s some motivation for you. THERE’S ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! AHHHH!!! Lol Seriously though, I haven’t finished my shopping yet and I must say it’s making me a little anxious! I’m usually done by now, not sure what happened this year! Oh well. I plan on finishing by this weekend and do have some wrapping to do tonight. I plan on taking care of some of the shopping midday on Thursday, hoping that will be easier than shopping on the weekend. We shall see!!
Good luck to those in the same boat as me, and Congrats to those that are all done, I seriously envy you right now!!

Goal Setting

Well, it’s almost the end of another year.  Time to evaluate your life.  Fun right?  Well, it can be!  Instead of looking at all of the things that you didn’t get done in 2015, make a new list!

I am a firm believer in the law of attraction!  So take this time to really think about what you want out of 2016 and write it down.  Put these goals somewhere you’re going to see every day.

Be specific!  Don’t just say you want to lose weight, put a number to it.  Don’t just say you want a new job, what kind of job? Earning how much?  Again, be specific, you don’t want just any job right?  One of mine, to begin my own gift business and make enough to pay my car payment each month!

But most importantly, once you reach each of your goals, make sure you make new ones!  Keep the law of attraction flow going!!


Christmas Budget Ideas…

Now that you’ve gone through your closets, you may have found some items that you could turn around and sell.  I’m a big believer in donating as much as possible, but there are certain items that I will set aside for Ebay.  Items such as purses, workout dvds that I KNOW I won’t EVER use, old cell phones (make sure you’ve cleared your info off of them!), or those Christmas gifts that you thought “what the heck?”!!  Take some good photos with good descriptions and get them up!  You never know, an extra $100 at Christmas time makes a huge difference! 🙂  But act quick, because it usually takes a couple of weeks at least before you’ll see the $$.  Worst case scenario, get things listed now so that you can pay off what you spent on Christmas! 😉


Christmas is coming!!! Do you have room??

Parents, take a moment to look around your child’s room.  Is the room (or rooms) ready for Christmas?  I ask myself this question every Christmas and at every birthday.  Is there room for more…”stuff”?  About a month before each of these celebrations I go through everything from the closet, to the dresser, to the multiple toy bins.  Anything that is missing pieces, is broken, looks like it’s begging to be thrown away or I haven’t seen since the last cleanup, gets taken out!  I usually do this when Ava isn’t home, way easier that way.  Then, as the celebration day gets closer I have her do it again.  This is great because I may have missed something or simply thought she still plays with when she doesn’t.

If you haven’t done this yet (including your child), then it’s important that you first explain what is happening.  You’re not getting rid of toys as a punishment, they didn’t do anything wrong, they aren’t losing or giving away something they love!  You want this to be a good experience for them, you want them to WANT to do this….it’ll go much smoother this way and it’ll teach them the importance of appreciating and taking good care of what they have!  The way I have always explained it (and depending on their age, you may have to explain it every time you do it!) is that because they are so fortunate and blessed to have the chance to get new things, we donate their older things to children who do not have as much.  I also make sure she understands that I do this with my stuff too, it’s a family thing!  But she sees this for me more regularly as whenever I buy new clothes or new shoes throughout the year, I donate my old ones.

I do this with my daughter’s clothes too.  This helps me so much when I can actually see what clothes she is in need of.  The last time we did this we threw out so many pair-less socks (I really would love to find out where the other pair goes after it hits the laundry!!) and I discovered how fast she has grown by the amount of pants that no longer reach her little ankles!!  This also helps when family members ask what she needs and what sizes to buy.

The “making room” project ensures that our closets never get overrun and we’re helping someone at the same time.

How do you keep on top of the clutter in your home?