Are you living your dream?

Someone asked me this question in almost a joking manner a few days ago.  I started to laugh it off but then I started to really think about what she said to me.  Am I where I want to be in my life right now?  In some areas yes, I can’t really complain.  I have a great family and a super supportive circle around me, I have a good job, making good money, and with good benefits.  Is there always room for things to get better?  Sure!  I have been in school for my Master’s degree for a year now, so the end will be coming soon, at least for that chapter…(I plan on continuing on after my Master’s).  Things are going really well with my boyfriend and our kids, and we are making plans to move forward together (many more posts on this are to come 😉 ).  My job, well, I don’t plan on retiring from where I am, but it has certainly supported me while going to school, so I can’t complain there.  I don’t see my job really changing too much over the next year, so I’m keeping my eyes open for health (physical and mental) related things to come my way.  I actually am looking into a new opportunity to embark on starting the first of the year.  If it turns out to be a fit for me, you will certainly hear about it!

My inner peace including reaching out to other moms (via my blog for a perfect example) took a bit of a back burner over the past several months.  I guess that’s where I can answer, no, I’m not “living the dream”.  Is it easy to get back?  Absolutely, after all, like they say (whoever “they” are), taking the first step is always the hardest.   So I guess this post, the first in several months, can be considered my first step and I’m happy to take it!  Writing this blog has always felt natural to me, and while it’s a shame that I took some time away from it, I fully believe in everything happening for a reason.  So, I choose to accept that and move on.

So I pose this same question to you, are you living your dream?



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