Celebrity Friday!

Lori Harrigan-Mack is a local Vegas celebrity, a left-handed softball pitcher who is a three-time Olympic Champion for Team USA (1993, 2000 & 2004). But that’s not how I came across her…my daughter and I watch the Biggest Loser and that’s where we first saw her. When they went over the bios of each contestant and we learned that she was a softball pitcher we instantly began rooting for her on the show.

When we had our opening ceremonies for the NorthWest Girls Softball League this Spring, Lori was there to give a speech.  My daughter turned to me and said “That’s Lori from that show! The softball girl”, yes, that’s how she referred to her, she’s 6. 😉 That was truly the highlight for us that day and made my daughter even more excited to play softball. I was hoping Ava could get a picture with her, but just her being able to see her and listen to her speech was perfect. The best part was when Lori asked how many girls were there because their parents made them play and my daughter immediately raised her hand. 🙂



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