I can finally breathe!

Well, softball season is officially over. 1 more week and I’ll have a 2 week break from my Master’s program. I resigned as a Beachbody Coach for many reasons, and I feel really relieved. It was just too much. Now I can finally get back to my blogging, back to what I truly love!

So what’s going on? What topics are catching your eye? Other than the negativity all around in the news, what makes you smile or peeks your interest when you’re scanning through your facebook feed or the reader list on WordPress?   For me, it’s always the cute pet videos, tips from moms around the world, softball memes, people helping people, softball videos and tips, celebrity news, and pay-it-forward stories that grab my attention the most. So if you’re new to my blog, that’s what you’re likely to see here.   Grab your coffee and join me for some crazy stories, stories that will undoubtedly make you laugh or cry, and every once in a while some pretty good advice!



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