Sunday Storytime!

I hope all my mommas out there had a fabulous Mother’s Day!

Here are stories that caught my eye this week!

Dog is so excited to go to the park he develops his own language

Deer wanders into yard

Dog takes himself to the park

Hope you have a wonderful week!



Celebrity Friday!

Lori Harrigan-Mack is a local Vegas celebrity, a left-handed softball pitcher who is a three-time Olympic Champion for Team USA (1993, 2000 & 2004). But that’s not how I came across her…my daughter and I watch the Biggest Loser and that’s where we first saw her. When they went over the bios of each contestant and we learned that she was a softball pitcher we instantly began rooting for her on the show.

When we had our opening ceremonies for the NorthWest Girls Softball League this Spring, Lori was there to give a speech.  My daughter turned to me and said “That’s Lori from that show! The softball girl”, yes, that’s how she referred to her, she’s 6. 😉 That was truly the highlight for us that day and made my daughter even more excited to play softball. I was hoping Ava could get a picture with her, but just her being able to see her and listen to her speech was perfect. The best part was when Lori asked how many girls were there because their parents made them play and my daughter immediately raised her hand. 🙂


Things to do Thursday!

Ok Mother’s Day is this weekend! If you’re looking for a place to take your special mom out these are some really great choices!

*Springs Preserve—my personal fav!   $29 for adults $10 for children 5-10 years old Free for under 5 years old RESERVATIONS REQUIRED (and you have to pay at the time of registration!)!

Waffles, salad station, carving station with pork and ny strip, desserts, oh my and a free mimosa for each adult!

*Vegas Golf Summerlin Courses   If your mom is a golfer, Mom’s golf for free while children under 18 are $10 @ Eagle Crest and $20 @ Palm Valley Golf Club or Highland Falls Golf Club.

**Also, here’s a breakdown that the RJ did for more dining options.

Make sure you pay attention if a place requires reservations or not and book it now! J You’re welcome! 😉

I can finally breathe!

Well, softball season is officially over. 1 more week and I’ll have a 2 week break from my Master’s program. I resigned as a Beachbody Coach for many reasons, and I feel really relieved. It was just too much. Now I can finally get back to my blogging, back to what I truly love!

So what’s going on? What topics are catching your eye? Other than the negativity all around in the news, what makes you smile or peeks your interest when you’re scanning through your facebook feed or the reader list on WordPress?   For me, it’s always the cute pet videos, tips from moms around the world, softball memes, people helping people, softball videos and tips, celebrity news, and pay-it-forward stories that grab my attention the most. So if you’re new to my blog, that’s what you’re likely to see here.   Grab your coffee and join me for some crazy stories, stories that will undoubtedly make you laugh or cry, and every once in a while some pretty good advice!