Things to do Thursday!

Here are a couple of ideas of what Ava and I did last weekend and what we typically do on weekends!


I wanted to find a unique way of displaying the artwork Ava comes home from school with every week.  This was very simple!  All I did was nail some string into the empty wall (or you can use push pins) and used clothes pins to hang up the artwork.  When it gets full I have a binder ready to put away our favorite pieces.  Having her choose which ones she wants to keep helps include her in the process and to teach her not to be a hoarder!  🙂

We also LOVE playing games!  We always play at least 3 games twice.  It’s a great way to get away from electronic devices including the television and it also keeps us out of the Vegas heat! 🙂

What are some of your favorite things to go on the weekends?



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