Tuesdays with TED!

A wonderful talk about never, ever giving up!

Diana Nyad


Things to do Thursday!

Here are some great craft ideas for this weekend from Fun Crafts Kids…


  • snowglobe love!


  • cardboard tube projects!


  • Pipe cleaner crafts


Hope you have a great weekend!!


Sunday Storytime!

Here are some stories that caught my eye this week!

  • An interesting story about Schizophrenia


  • Ravens making it right…


  • I love every story about space!


Hope you all have a great week!


Things to do Thursday!

We have a crazy busy softball weekend coming up, but here are some awesome craft ideas for you!!

These ideas are from Fun Crafts Kids FB https://www.facebook.com/funcraftskids

  • Just Keep Swimming!


  • Reuse your Easter Eggs!!

Photo: Plastic Easter eggs painted like skulls for Halloween candy<br />
1,000,000 Recycling Ideas :)<br />
#upcycle #reduce #recycling #reuse #ideas #new #creativeideas


  • A new way to make a ring holder


Hope you have a wonderful & fun weekend!!


What’s your day lookin’ like?

One Organized Mama

Good morning you guys!  Hope you are all enjoying your Tuesday and are staying dry {if you are in this crazy rain we’ve been having}!  On my drive this morning to run one of my kiddos to school, I thought about how waking up so early is for the birds…just ask my said kid.  He HATES me {really, the clock} every. single. morning.  His school starts an hour earlier than most elementary schools and to this, we say NOOOO! But, as it remains, we love the school so getting up early is just what we need to do.  Yay.  {haha}

Once I return from the school drop off/Starbucks fuel excursion, I run to get more kids ready for school and then the day REALLY begins.  Before I allow my time {which we mamas know is SO precious} to spiral away into the abyss, I like to be aware of, and…

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Things to do Thursday!

Here are some fun things to do this weekend!

These great ideas are from Learning 4 Kids! https://www.facebook.com/learning4kids

  • Counting!


  • Play Dough Mats


  • A safe in-door hockey game!


Hope you have a great weekend!!  🙂