Celebrity Friday!

Robin Williams

What a sad week in the entertainment industry.  It was interesting with the passing of Robin Williams…I cried, as I know many did.  It was just such a shock. I don’t know if it was the way he died or the level of difference he made in so many people’s lives.  It was just so sad….my boyfriend and I were talking about how Robin Williams suffered from depression, how he seemed to be able to make everyone laugh, but couldn’t help his own darkness in the end.

We saw how everyone mentioned that he’s probably making God laugh or is laughing wherever he is…but maybe that was part of the problem, feeling like he had to be “on” all the time…I’m sure he took joy out of making people laugh and felt his work was important, which it was of course, but maybe we should just hope that wherever he is, he can just be….

One thing is for sure, this world is a better place because of the work Robin Williams did.




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