Dinner with Babies

I miss family dinners 🙂

The Fine Art of Babies

IMG_3282Dinner.   Or Supper. It is the time, usually the last meal of day, when families sit down and eat together. Together is the operative word and you know this instinctively if you came from a family where good food was combined with good family conversation. If you did not have this experience growing up, then you will need to research the phenomenon and become familiar with the concept – because studies tell us that the family dinner is vital to the health of the family (3).

This is where palpable family bonding takes place. Communication channels are abuzz with daily happenings and future planning. That is as long as there isn’t a stinker at the table. A stinker shuts down the conversation – more about that later.

Research has revealed that the more often a family sits down and eats together, the less likely children will succumb to addictions and…

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