Space & A Place for Homework

One Organized Mama

Hello readers!  Happy hump day to you this fine Wednesday! It has been a whirlwind week with lots of errands and kiddo stuff going on.  Life is good and today we have enjoyed some time shopping with the boys to get their new backpacks and lunch boxes.  This post has been inspired by my mind going mach speed and needing to figure out a solution to our homework anxieties.  So this is how we are winding up talking about school already!

You guys, I kid you not…school is starting in LESS than a month!  YIKES!  So much hustle and bustle going on.  Parents out with their kids trying on new clothes and picking up the goodies in the supplies aisles.  It really has been a fast {but fantastic} summer and we are going to enjoy the last couple of weeks we have of it!  With this being said, it is…

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