Puppy Love

Ava has been asking for a dog for about 2 years now.  I compromised with 2 kittens instead.  After all, I was working a lot, going to school and we were always on the go…and living in an apartment.  It was great, cats are SOOO much easier to take care of and are extremely self-sufficient for those long days alone.  Then both of her labs at her dad’s house died within a couple of months of each other….she was devastated.  Soon my work slowed down and we found a house to rent.   I didn’t mention it…but children don’t forget these things…so I did another compromise and said we could get one but it had to be a small dog.
So the research began….I was leaning toward a dacshund and even did a quick glimpse at chihuahuas…but I really didn’t want a yappy dog.  Then pugs entered the search, I did a quick poll on FB and found several friends strongly recommending the breed.  Soon after I put in an application with the Southern Nevada Pug Rescue Group.  They had only a couple of pugs available and all were adults.  This was perfect because my time of potty training, both humans and animals, is over.  Within a few weeks Moss was brought over.  I know, it’s not a name I would ever choose but he’s 4-5 years old, so we “cutened” it up to Mossie.  🙂  With the exception of getting protective whenever the doorbell rings or the mishap of the 4th of July (long story, just glad it’s over), I truly do not see why anyone would give him up.  He was kennel trained in 2 days, he immediately found the backdoor and lets us know every time he needs to go out, he moves his bowl if he ever needs just a little more food (after all, we’re still learning how much he really needs to eat), he loves to cuddle, he listens when we tell him to get off Ava’s seat on the couch, and he sleeps a LOT!!!!  We really got lucky with little Mossie!  Another great thing about the Southern Nevada Pug Rescue is that you get 2 weeks before the adoption is made official (you can adopt earlier if you want…), which gives plenty of time to make sure the dog you chose will work out for you and your family. Also, the adoption fee (which ranges between $150-300 depending on age and health factors) includes current shots and spay/neuter.  Mossie turned out to be a puggle, being mostly pug, and we couldn’t be happier!






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