No homework for the next 2 months, over-time at work is finished (I’ve been working over-time almost every weekend for the past year and a half), dance class for Ava is over and softball won’t start until the middle-end of August.  So….now what?  The 4th of July started a 4 day weekend for me and Ava and I loved every second of it…even with the ocassional tantrums:)  It was 4 days of not being rushed and I noticed a difference with Ava.  She was more willing and happy to play in her room and wanted to cuddle more.  In general we just enjoyed each other more.  It made me appreciate this down-time more.  It also puts the crazy times into a better perspective for me as well.  

I hope to find more calmness within the storm when our schedules start back up again.  But for now, I’m going to enjoy this time..and as for the “what now”, well, I can finally get to that stack of “half-read” and “waiting-to-be-read” books that have been calling my name for 2 years now.



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