Things to do Thursday!

Here are some fun ideas to do with the kiddos this weekend from Toddler Approved!

  • Lets get ready for Kindergarten!  I will definitely be trying some of these out with Ava!

  • Here are some creepy crawly crafts!

  • 5 minute backyard teepee!


From my family to yours, have a great weekend!! 🙂





Space & A Place for Homework

One Organized Mama

Hello readers!  Happy hump day to you this fine Wednesday! It has been a whirlwind week with lots of errands and kiddo stuff going on.  Life is good and today we have enjoyed some time shopping with the boys to get their new backpacks and lunch boxes.  This post has been inspired by my mind going mach speed and needing to figure out a solution to our homework anxieties.  So this is how we are winding up talking about school already!

You guys, I kid you not…school is starting in LESS than a month!  YIKES!  So much hustle and bustle going on.  Parents out with their kids trying on new clothes and picking up the goodies in the supplies aisles.  It really has been a fast {but fantastic} summer and we are going to enjoy the last couple of weeks we have of it!  With this being said, it is…

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Tuedays with TED!

Kevin Breel: Confessions of a depressed comic

  • Do you live a life to others and then a different life to yourself? What life do you see yourself living?
  • Every 30 seconds in the world someone takes their own life due to depression…
  • Depression is more than one brief moment of sadness when something goes wrong, it’s being sad when everything is going right…
  • Depression is the best documented problem in our world, but the least discussed.

Moments That Matter Mondays: A Home That Makes You Smile!

One Organized Mama

If you find yourself dreading the walk in your door knowing you’re going to be greeted with piles of unopened mail, closets that you don’t dare open for fear of the contents inside, the apathy of spending money you shouldn’t because you can’t find stuff or making a fast food stop on the way home because you can’t even think about what’s for dinner….we are here to tell you, WE CAN HELP YOU FIND A BETTER WAY!!!

Organizing homes encompasses so many different areas of lives. We help you make decisions on what to keep/toss, how to help your kids stay on top of their school work, setting up your new home or preparing to sell your current one. Of course we’ll organize your garage, children’s playroom or any closet of your choice but there are so many other area’s where we can help you!

Instead of the above scenario…

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Sunday Storytime!

More tragedy hit our papers and newsfeeds this week with the Malaysian airline as well as the other airplane tragedies that cost lives…are some uplifting stories to show there is still good in the world…

  • 6 year old Danny just wants cards!

  • It’s nice to hear good stories of pitbulls!

  • And who doesn’t love watching elephants!

Have a great night and remember through all the bad, there is still a lot to smile about!


Celebrity Friday!

Morgan Freeman has been one of my favorite actors for quite a while. Ever since seeing him in Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider, I have always pictured him as Alex Cross in the Alex Cross series by James Patterson!

He has been around a while and has done SO much! He has been in over 90 films and tv roles and has won numerous awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.

And then I saw this clip of him on the tonight show…oh my! 🙂

Things to do Thursday!

A great idea  for something to do this weekend would be to get some school shopping done!  🙂  I took my soon-to-be-kindergartener to Target tonight and got her supplies!  She was so excited!  Next up will be school uniforms! 🙂  Target is the best with having everything SOOO super organized!  Love it!!

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Wake up!

Within the past year I have become involved with learning about human trafficking. I have been moved to learn more and somehow get involved either before I finish school or during…so when I came across this article by Huffpost Women, I wanted to share…this is an ugly problem society often ignores…it’s time we wake up.


Tuesdays with TED!

The Psychology of your future self

Dan Gilbert:  Why do we make decisions that our future selves regret?

  • Interesting how children seem to change by the minute and our parents seem to change by the year.
  • Do you still like the same music or people that you did 10 years ago?
  • “Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished”

Less than 7 minutes 🙂