Ava asked me the other day why it’s always just the 2 of us…why we don’t see any of my friends.  Hmmm… well we do see her friends at times.  She has her friends in school (however last week was the last week of preschool).

Then I realized the comparison from when she’s home with me… our time is mostly spent doing errands, going to the library,  eating together,  dance class and overtime at work.   When she’s with her dad she spends a lot of time at her aunt’s house with her cousins, who she absolutely loves.

It put things into perspective a little for me and kind of stung.   I need to make more of an effort for playdates…she obviously needs that and I certainly love seeing my friends.  My overtime at work is ending next month, so we’re about to have a LOT more time on the weekends.  And luckily in July and August I will have a break from school so my stress level will come down a bit.

Today we went to watch her old tball team play a game and while she clung to me most of the time, it felt good to be out!   With summer basically here I see a lot of trips to the splash pads and I’m excited!

I’m so glad my daughter is ok with talking to me and showing me things through her eyes.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up with just the basics that I forget the fun stuff!  Thank you Miss Ava!



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