Celebrity Friday!

Today I want to talk about a very special celebrity…one that is in my life…

My daughter graduated Preschool today and I watched a specific moment where I realized just how much she has grown.  Have you had that moment?  When something happens and the normal reaction from your child has suddenly changed?

So Ava has been practicing her graduation line to say with 4 other kids for the past 6 months “I worked all year for this degree, there now aren’t you proud of me?”  The big moment comes and she walks up to the other kids after they have already started saying the line…she quickly turns around and goes back to her seat, crying.  My heart broke, but I waited a moment to see what she would do, worried I was going to have to take her off the stage or that a teacher would… but then the moment happened, after a minute she took complete control and settled herself down…with no coaxing or comfort from anyone.  I was beyond proud of her.  Then later she almost missed her name being called for her certificate because she was busy talking with her friends.  That’s my Ava.

20140509_102731 20140509_101623 20140509_100525


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