Celebrity Friday!

Trina Boring from Rose Warren Elementary School is the perfect celebrity for today’s post!

Clark County Teacher honored for work with Autistic Students!

Just 1 summer of teaching students with autism changed her path and is a hero for all!



Things to do Thursday!

Here are some great craft ideas to do with the kids this weekend!

  • Stress free summer ideas from Teach Preschool’s fb page.



  • Here are some great Father’s Day ideas from Toddler Approved’s FB page.



  • And some more from Quirkymomma’s FB page.



Have a great weekend!!

Don’t leave home without these 8 items if you have kids!!

  1. At least 1 coat or sweater per child..and keep it in the trunk.
  2. Small first aid kit or box of bandaids. I went a few months without opening the box and then out of nowhere I’ve used them and my daughter has needed them within the past 3 weeks! So glad I had them in the glove box!
  3. Extra plastic grocery bags. I actually have a small trash bag that sits in the back with my daughter, at her feet, and it has a small container on the side for extra.
  4. Sunglasses. My daughter ALWAYS forgets hers so it’s nice to have an extra pair that stays in the car.
  5. Tissues, tissues, and more tissues!! I have a box of Kleenex that sits in the back seat on the floor and I also have the individual packages in the glove box (and center console) for backups. Unfortunately, my daughter gets a lot of nosebleeds so these come in handy. (I really should buy stock in them!)
  6. Nail clippers. I thought about keeping a pair of scissors in the car, but they are too big and just not that safe with small children. So I keep a pair of nail clippers in my center console for any time that I need to cut something. I use them a lot when we buy something at the store that has a plastic ring and we want to use it right away.
  7. A small emergency toy bag. If we’re going out for the day running errands, even if it’s just 1 errand, I have my daughter pack a small backpack of toys and snacks. This way if the errand(s) take longer than expected she doesn’t get bored and I keep my sanity (I’ll take all the help I can get!)!
  8. I also keep a towel in the trunk of my car. You never when there’s an accidental spill or a spur of the moment trip to the water park now that the temps in Vegas have passed 100! 🙂

I have a small bin in my trunk where I keep most of these items. This keeps my trunk clutter free and things don’t go flying all over the place! 🙂

Tuesdays with TED

The Origins of Pleasure…

Paul Bloom

Why do we like what we like?

Are we interested in material things because we’re snobs or care more about status?  What do you think?

How do you get more adults to drink more wine?  Pour from an expensive bottle…

How do you get kids to eat more carrots and veggies?  Tell them it’s from McDonald’s…

Pretty funny talk…  Enjoy!

Sunday Storytime!

Here are some awesome stories I was able to catch in between my moving!  Enjoy!!


  • I’ve only heard the song a couple of times, but thought this video was awesome!


  • I agree with this coverage of Kimye’s wedding…


  • Amazing save!


Have a great week everyone! 🙂

Challenge (The Best day of your life)

This looks like a great idea!

trying to make things right

darrell and i darrell and i me me my dad and me my dad and me me, darrell, dominik, and dj me, darrell, dominik, and dj darrell and i darrell and i my dad walking me down the isle my dad walking me down the isle The best day of my life was the day i married my husband. When i first decided to do this post i thought oh well the best day of my life would have to be the day my children were born, but i changed my mind. Because even though those days were wonderful and very special to me, the day we got married is the day my life was changed forever. 3 days before my husband and i got married i relapsed, and when he came home i was so drunk that i could barely walk, (its a miracle he married me). So the day we got married i swore to myself, and to God, that i would never touch a drink again, and i havent. Ever…

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Mama’s Night Out!

One Organized Mama

Can we get a “WOO-HOO??!!!”

Let us introduce you to a new and fun way to get organized with Mama’s Night Out! This a fun night out to put your creative touch on starter kits we’ve created to get you organized.

Pre-order your kits, gather some friends, have some fun and put those creative talents to work. Think of it as Pinterest meets Girls Night Out.  At the end of the night you have an awesome project that you can actually use at home to get organized and stay organized.
The kits cost only $25 each and can be pre-ordered simply by contacting us at 702-498-1636 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting  FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting or oneorganizedmama@gmail.com
Our two current kits are our very popular Household Binder 2014-04-03 21.06.21
The Household Binder includes:
-A durable view binder in your choice of color
-Customized front cover
-Yearly calendar, bill tracker and password keeper
-8 pocket dividers
-10 page…

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Things to do Thursday!

Here are some fun activities to do with your kids this weekend!!  I found these from Learning 4 kids fb page.


  • Numbers and counting


  • Threading, Fine Motor & Measurement


  • Pipe Cleaner maze


Have a great weekend!  (I’ll be unpacking from my move so think of me!!  :))