Product Review! Younique

I have been hearing about this 3D mascara for a few weeks now, supposedly it is good enough to replace false lashes…I honestly haven’t worn false lashes in 5 or 6 years but only because it’s a pain in the arse to put them on…

So I saw that my sister was having an online party for them and I put an order in.

I normally wear Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Mascara and love it!


After using Younique 3D fiber lashes (I put 2 layers on…)I can say that I could probably get close to the same effect using my Rimmel mascara…however, it would require way more than 2 layers and my lashes would be totally weighed down..and with regular mascara after so many layers it just gets too clumpy.

Top: nothing on Middle: my regular mascara Bottom: 2 layers of 3D fiber lashes

It was worth the purchase and I can definitely see myself using this product frequently!  It runs about $35 (I’ve heard it lasts about 2 months)…so not something I would buy too often, but if you don’t want that heavy clumpy feeling from multiple layers of mascara and you’re tired of messing around with false lashes, Younique is a great alternative!   🙂

Update: cleaning is super easy with this product! Here is also another comparison pic. 🙂



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