Moving = Declutter Opportunity!!

As much as I dread having to move next month, I’m also a little excited.  I’m going to be **hopefully, fingers crossed** be moving from an apartment into a house.  I’m excited for more room and a yard, even if it’s a small one!  🙂  I’m SOOOO tired of lugging groceries up the stairs every time and can’t wait for that to be over! I don’t mind living in a 2 story and going up and down stairs, that’s never been an issue…I just don’t want to go up stairs with 10 bags of groceries in my hands (because I refuse to make a 2nd trip… 😉 )  

I’m also a little excited to lighten the load a bit.  I have already gone through both mine and my daughter’s bathrooms and gotten rid of all of our things that we haven’t used in the past 6 months (why I was holding onto sunscreen & makeup from 2 years ago I have no idea!) and I recently went through her clothes and toys and donated the unwanted or overgrown.  Now I need to go through my closet and the rest of our “stuff”.  The best part of moving, at least when you have plenty of notice that you’re moving, is that you can take the time to go through everything.  I hate packing and unpacking, so the last thing I want to do is pack something that I STILL won’t use or pack something that as soon as I unpack it I toss it.   I’ll try to remember to take a picture of everything that I get rid of before the big move!   For tonight I couldn’t help but get started on my school binders.  I organized them and threw out material that I just don’t need anymore.  On the outside, I listed the subjects inside of each binder to make it WAY easier for me to refer back to in the future.  I credit One Organized Mama, Janel, for getting me excited to organize!

This isn’t all of them but most of them…



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