Put the phone and ipad down…relax like this is the 80s!

What do you do when you need to relax?  Do you go sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, or do you sit outside and instantly pick up your phone or ipad?  Is the phone or ipad the first thing you look at in the mornings and the last thing you check at night?  Since when did we forget how to truly relax?  I’ll admit I am a BIG fan of the technological advances that have made their way into my life, but still we all need to unplug and disengage every once in a while for our sanity’s sake!

I read an article from Pyschology Today and here is an excerpt:

“Aren’t we focusing more on ourselves than ever?  Yes, we are spending far more time reporting on ourselves, focusing on our identity, describing where we’ve been, what we are dong and so on, but att eh same time, we are spending far less time actually being with ourselves, inside our own attention, asking and answering to our self”.

For the full article:


So, how do you relax?  And are you really relaxing?  🙂








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