Toy Rotation

Love this!!

One Organized Mama

Anyone out there cringing at the thought of their children’s bedrooms or play room?

Kids get easily overwhelmed with too many choices and clutter. Ever watch your child dig through a toy box looking for one specific toy? They are bent over as toys fly all over the room. Do they ever pick them back up? Not usually without some resistance, right?

For this reason I generally avoid toy boxes.

Here’s an easy solution to overall toy storage and controlling that clutter: A toy rotation!

All it takes is getting some bins, baskets, boxes or any kind of cool container you both like and divvy up the toys. Trains with train parts, dolls with babies, outdoor toys make a happy little family, balls of all types can go together and….well you get the picture.

toy rotation Keep original containers if they’re sturdy and provide good storage. Otherwise fun and colorful baskets like this…

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