Celebrity Friday!

Mickey Rooney was around the entertainment industry for over 90 years and was in over 200 films!!

  • His co-stars were the top of the top from Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, Spencer Tray to Pete’s Dragon. 🙂
  • He served 2 years in the Army where he entered millions of soliders during WWII.
  • He was married 8 times.
  • He was addicted to alcohol and pills
  • Even though he earned millions in his career, after returning from the Army he had to file for bankruptcy due to his money being mismanaged.
  • Sadly when he passed away on April 6, 2014, his estate was only worth $18,000 and died owning back taxes…

He may have had a hard time when he passed and that’s sad, but he will always be known and remembered as the most lovable actors of all time.

220px-Petes_Dragon_movie_poster 150px-Mickey_Rooney_2_Allan_Warren Mickey_Rooney_ww2_46



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