Snack Attack!

Great idea for snacks!

One Organized Mama

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! We are one day closer to the weekend, so let’s do a happy dance! 😉

Today I am going to talk about my other “super, oh-so-easy, are you kidding me with this coolness” organization of the kiddos tool! Last post, I showed you the Box ‘O Memories and today you are going to learn of the Box ‘O Snacks! You will only need a few things to make your own!

1. A snack box (I use a sturdy fabric covered one with a lid. Medium Size)
2. A box of zipping plastic “snack” size bags.
3. Your kids’ snacks (crackers, pretzels, fruit, cheese cubes)

With my babes all being boys, guess what that means..? DIRTY HANDS! And with a germ-o-phobe mama like me, it really doesn’t go over too well when they stick said dirty hands inside a brand new box or bag of snacks {I…

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