Conversations with Ava!

Some of the best conversations come from riding in the car…

Ava:  Mommy I have a secret and you can’t tell anyone!

Me:  Um, ok what is it?

Ava: I have a boyfriend!

Me:  um, say what now?  Uh…who is this boyfriend?

Ava:  It’s Christian from my class.

Me:  Oh really?

Ava: Yes!  He is such a handsome boy!  I could just kiss him on his face!

Me: Um…uh…you know you can’t though right?

Ava:  Why not?

Me:  Because you can’t touch other kids like that…just like they can’t do that to do…especially in school.

Ava:  Oh, ok…but I would if I could.

Me:  um ok, just don’t.  So does he know he’s your boyfriend?

Ava:  Yeah, he said it funny that I was his boyfriend and he was my girlfriend.  He’s so silly!  I think 2 other boys in my school are cute too.

Me:  [oh make it stop!]  Um…and who are these boys? And how old are they??

Ava:  Oh I don’t know, they are just boys I saw at my school and they’re really cute.  One has really nice hair. One is maybe 5 and the other is 6.

[this is preschool…they’re not older than 5…]

Me:  Have you talked to them?

Ava:  No, I’ve just seen them.

Ava:  So you have a boyfriend and I have a boyfriend.

Me:  uh…I think you’re too young for a boyfriend, but ok… [seriously?]


UPDATE**  Ava has since broken up with Christian and now has a new boyfriend….HELP!!!  LMAO!

Ava turns 5!
Ava turns 5!

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