Another 2 years of school…let’s go!

So I’m SO excited to say that I FINALLY made a decision on graduate school! I made my decision not to go with a Social Work program simply because it wasn’t realistic for me.  I already work full time and am raising my daughter with very little help (outside of when I’m at work), my daughter is going to a Charter school in the fall where parents are required to volunteer 30 hours a year…there was just no way I could do an internship on top of it all…well, I could, but I would miss too much with my daughter and that’s just not something I’m willing to sacrifice.

SO!  I decided to go with Walden University for my MS in Psychology-Child & Adolescence.  I will be graduating in June from UOP and Walden University starts in September.  I’m actually excited to be taking a month and a half off!  Seriously…I already have books lined up to read and chapters of my own book to write all planned out!  This new program seems exciting and I was WAY excited to learn there are not many learning teams that I will have to do…OH THANK YOU!!!! The one thing I have not liked about UOP is having to depend on others for my grade, it has driven me crazy!

I plan on going for my Ph.D. after this, so even though it doesn’t sound like a lot of time in between degrees, I think it’s a lot! 🙂




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