A day in the life…

So I’ve seen a few bloggers post pics of what their typical day is like.  During the week would just be pictures of me driving and working..so I chose today since I was off.  🙂

Alarm goes off at 6:15am…But I’m as cozy as these two…so I finally get up at 7:10..

Meet Charlie & Zoey 🙂

Then it was time to get Ava ready for school.  We have to leave by 8:15 because we have to drive across town.   So the morning consists of getting a quick breakfast ready, coffee to go and backpack with show-and-tell ready to go.

she's so good at getting herself ready in the mornings.
   she’s so good at getting herself ready in the mornings.

I always have so much to carry… I have snacks for the drive to and from school (seriously, it’s a 30 minute drive each way…), Ava’s in school for just over 2 hours so I always bring things for me to get done.  It must be quite entertaining to watch me carry all of this stuff down my apartment stairs…(God forbid I make 2 trips!)


Snacks, purse, laptop, kindle loaded with books to read, & blogger organizer if I get to it….[not pictured are my juice from Tone it Up that boosts my metabolism & my coffee]

Out the door by 8:15.
Out the door by 8:15.
and we’re ready!


man I really need a new car soon…

It’s funny that we always rush to get out the door, but we’re always early…I’d rather be early than late, so that doesn’t bother me…  I take advantage of the extra time… Ava plays with her friends in line and I read..

This book has taken me 4 months to read…not because it’s boring by any means, I LOVE Tori Spelling, I just rarely have the time to read.

Once I drop Ava off at school I head over to Starbucks and get to work.  I’m normally there from 9:15-10:50am.  I catch up on FB, Twitter, and get a chunk of  homework done.  Today I got 5 out of 8 posts done so I was pretty happy about that!

20140328_093821 20140328_092834

It’s back to pick Ava up from school by 11:15…then it’s off to meet my babe for lunch.


Then back to our place by 12:45pm for some barbie and stuffed animal time. 🙂

He’s such a good sport. 🙂

By 2pm we were on our way to pick up our Race packet for the Bubble Run tomorrow.  I knew this meant a late nap, but I wanted to go when there weren’t a ton of people there.



Then FINALLY by 3:30 it was nap time!!  (and yes, I take naps when she does…I swear it’s the only way I’m still somewhat sane…)


I really don’t like late naps, because it means late nights, but there was no way we were going to make it without one… we slept from about 3:30 until 6:45pm…oops!  (I answered a few texts in between, but I slept most of that time!)

7pm- I made a quick light dinner, grilled cheese with a dash of cinnamon = yum!!



7:45pm – Then it was off to Target for some last minute things for our race tomorrow.  (and who can go to Target and get only what’s on their list?  not me…I love the Psychology Today magazine!)


We were home by 8:30, Ava had a light snack before getting to bed by 9:45pm.  This is actually really late for her, which is what I meant by late naps = late nights.

And now for some blogging catch-up and maybe one of my DVR shows.  🙂


Hopefully my late nap won’t mean too late of a night for me, since I do have to be up early for the Bubble Run…oh well, there’s always tomorrow’s nap! 🙂



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