It has been quite some time since I meditated, it’s been a while since I checked in with myself, it’s been a while since I shared either of those with my daughter.

Thanks to social media, once again, I recently have done all of those.  I thank social media because some good things are right in your face and it’s hard to keeping putting on ignore…  I started following along the meditations with BexLife.

She has easy to follow meditations that have been a great place for me to start back on the path of living a more peaceful life.  Also, while cleaning up for my family to come to town a few weeks ago I found my old packet of red string. Red String is from Kabbalah and is symbolic to ward of the evil eye. I took Kabbalah classes a few years ago.   I like to say that I am a mix of many religions or spirituality because I’ve never found one that I felt 100% with.  There was a lot of controversy with the Kabbalah Centre, and that is not something I am advocating or involved with.  I simply enjoyed the lessons that I learned and found that the red string is a great symbol to remind yourself not to judge, not to envy and to remain at peace.

My daughter put mine on me tonight and I explained to her what it was and asked her if she wanted to wear it too.  I told her it was a great reminder to be nice and to know that God or the universe was looking out for her.  It was her choice to wear it, I always want it to be her choice…

red string 20140322_192623


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