I started this blog with the purpose of applying for a blogging scholarship last year.  Well, it was actually…then chaos came and I lost access to my blog and had to start all over, about 1 week before I was to submit for the scholarship… **sigh**  I had just reached about 257 followers and it had taken me 7 months.  I was devastated to say the least.   But, I took it as a chance to start again and to take a different approach.

I created this blog and kept my daily blogging setup.  Once that was up I created  I created fitnessmama so I could give my readers something specific to follow, the trials and triumphs of a mom getting back on the healthy path and taking her daughter with her!

I have been back online since December 28, 2013 with everythingmommy and February 15, 2014 with fitnessmama.  Between the 2, I have reached over 640 followers!  I am seeing my tweets being favorited and retweeted, I’m gaining more followers on a regular basis, one being one of my favorite models!  I am just … blessed. I truly appreciate this amazing experience I have had and am grateful for finding something that I truly enjoy.

Again, thank you so much for following and supporting me! 



5 thoughts on “Gratitude…

  1. Seriously SO proud of you!! You continue to be my inspiration on blogging! I also enjoy it and strive to get better each day thanks to your support and encouragement!

    Keep up the awesome work!


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