Product Review…CupKates by Kate

So I was frantically searching for a place to do cupcakes for Ava’s birthday party.  I was going to just go to the regular grocery store, but I wanted something specific for an individual cake as well and I wanted it delivered.  I tried Freed’s first because I’ve used them almost every year for her birthday parties…. for an individual cake with a tiara on top and 24 cupcakes, with delivery was just under $400….um hell no!

I was waiting to hear back from a couple of other places and there goes my boyfriend who just hopped on google and came up with Cupkates by Kate.  So I went with it….and oh wow!!  Not only did the owner, Kate, deliver and was on time, but holy cow it was SOOOO good!!!  I got a LOT of compliments about how delicious they were!!  yay!! (oh…and it was way under $400! with delivery!!)

“ooh la la”

1903983_10202419633265003_1864600278_n 20140308_163451


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