Decision (almost) Made!

Ever since I decided to go back to school for my BA in Psychology, I knew that I would continue on to my Master’s and probably, patience allowing, my Ph.D.  My goal is to one day work with children and families that are either going through divorce or recovering from the effects of divorce, also children with learning disabilities or mental illness.  I know, it’s a lot…I just want to do my part to help.  I have seen what my daughter has gone through and goes through and I want to not only help other children, but I want to learn how to help her more as well.

So, I have spent the past year trying to decide where to go for my Master’s and what program I wanted to go into.  I have gotten a lot of great advice and I’ve looked at many MANY different programs.  I looked into social work and counseling programs, but honestly I’m not interested in taking away even more time from my daughter to do internships…there are just some sacrifices I don’t want to make.  And along with that, every time I looked at different programs and schools for that I kept hearing that little voice that was reminding me I always wanted to go into Psychology.  So….I went back to looking at schools for those programs and have narrowed it down to 2….which is SOOO much better than the 7 page list I started with!!  The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and Walden University are the 2 I’m looking into .  If you have any input I would certainly appreciate it!! 🙂  I’m sure I’ll keep looking, after all this is a pretty permanent decision!  🙂



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