Motivational Monday!

There’s nothing like knowing family is coming in town in a few weeks to kick my butt into some organizing!  And boy does it feel great!  I went to Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond and for $50 I solved one of my biggest problem areas in my kitchen/dining room. 🙂

Yeah, that’s so not pretty…


ahh that’s better. 🙂 Fruit basket @ BB&B was $20…small book case was $22 @ Target. Funny the basket cost almost as much as the bookcase… :-/

It’s not perfect, but with little to no storage in this apartment, I’m making it work.  Ava helped me throw a lot of stuff out and we were able to clean up her crafts basket quite a bit.  🙂  I really need a bigger bookcase for all of my school binders (the rest are hidden away), but this will do for now.




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