Exhausted but still going…

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re so tired but you have so much to do or your child is counting on you that you somehow turn on auto drive and just go?  Well that was most definitely today!  It started out doing some OT at work.  I was going to work an extra hour, but started feeling a tad guilty about doing something fun for Ava. So off we went to the library for story time.  She didn’t think we were going to go, so she was super excited when we got there.  Good choice mom!

Then it was off to her t-ball game.  She did so great hitting every time it was coach-pitched!  She also did great in the outfield.  Then it was a quick team picture…

20140215_123213 20140215_121850 20140215_123216



And it was off to Zappos for their charity event supporting Roos-n-more!  We had a blast!!  They had general admission and tickets for interacting with the animals…  I’m glad we just did the general admission because some were sleeping and others just had the longest lines, there was just no way! 🙂

20140215_144235 20140215_144004 20140215_143858 20140215_142950 20140215_142309

Then it was off to the Pinball Hall of Fame!  I’ve never heard of this place and wasn’t sure how Ava would react to it, but she loved it!!  She won candy and toys from the grab machines which made it all perfect in her eyes!  🙂


Now is the time to unwind and wow, it’s already after 8pm, holly smokes where did the day go!!  Still, wouldn’t trade it for anything!



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