Bloggers Organize Too!

When I started blogging last April I would find notes written on the back of receipts, sticky notes, full sheets of paper, the back of my school paperwork, and yes, even on napkins…they were just everywhere!

It wasn’t until I read a blog post from Krystal Kirsch ( ) that I realized HELLO!!  ORGANIZE YOURSELF!  I pride myself with being fairly organized (you have to be with as busy as I am!) and I can’t believe I didn’t think of this.  I had a notebook for most of my ideas, but still had notes all over.  After reading Krystal’s blog (she gave sites of where to go to print out planners) I decided I would put one together.  But I really didn’t want to pay for someone else’s design.  I mean it’s great if you see one that you just love, but I’m a control freak so…

I made a list of everything I need to keep track of and then I just hoped on Word on my laptop and created the forms I needed!  It was that simple!  I encourage you to make one yourself and GET ORGANIZED!  All you need is a computer (duh), color printer (make sure your ink hasn’t dried out, I hate that!), a 3-ring binder, some dividers and a little time deciding what you really want.   I just did mine this weekend and it’s already made such a difference!!  Have fun with it and be sure to check in on my blog and share your ideas or any questions! J

Here are my ideas!  I need to keep track of my different themes and which days I’m supposed to do them, my weekly schedule for ideas for the other days, a monthly blog task list which is a great place to remind myself what I want to do regarding all the different social media sites and any other ideas, and a connection section where I can keep track of everyone I’ve been guest blogging for and those who have guest blogged for me!

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