Motivation Monday!

Well, I am still with the Tone It Up program and I couldn’t be happier!!  I can already feel such a difference in my body, from digestive issues being no more, no more heart burn, and I find myself craving the workouts!  Who would’ve thought!!  I tweaked my back a little last weekend and had to go down to 1 workout each day (sometimes when I feel it twinge, I just skip the day and just do extra walking)…but the point is, I’m still doing SOMETHING every day!  And I truly feel great and it’s only been 2 weeks!  Here is my motivation for this week:

Thigh -2″

Waist -.5″

Abs -.5″

Torso -1″

Neck -.5″

Weight -3.2lbs

The best part is having Ava try some of the workouts with me…although the “Oh I can do that! That’s easy!” is getting a little old. 😉




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