Celebrity Friday!

She played Kelly for 10 years, she worked next to Amanda Bynes, she’s done Dancing with the Stars, movies, and was married to Twilight actor Peter Facinelli who she has 3 daughters with.

She has also supported several charities such as: The Red Cross, Lili Claire Foundation, and Lollipop Theater Network.

I’m excited that this year will bring a new HGTV show: The Jennie Garth Project and Jennie is also reuniting with Tori Spelling for a new television series! 🙂

images (2) Jennie-Garth-Plastic-Surgery-Before-and-After


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Things to do Thursday!

Here are some fun ideas for this weekend with the kiddos. 🙂

  • If you’re looking for some organizing tips, love this flip down wall desk!


  • DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas:


  • Love this strawberry & marshmallow idea!  Think I want to do it for myself! 🙂


  • And because Easter will be here soon, here is a super cute idea for Easter Decorations!


Enjoy your weekend everyone!!




Decision (almost) Made!

Ever since I decided to go back to school for my BA in Psychology, I knew that I would continue on to my Master’s and probably, patience allowing, my Ph.D.  My goal is to one day work with children and families that are either going through divorce or recovering from the effects of divorce, also children with learning disabilities or mental illness.  I know, it’s a lot…I just want to do my part to help.  I have seen what my daughter has gone through and goes through and I want to not only help other children, but I want to learn how to help her more as well.

So, I have spent the past year trying to decide where to go for my Master’s and what program I wanted to go into.  I have gotten a lot of great advice and I’ve looked at many MANY different programs.  I looked into social work and counseling programs, but honestly I’m not interested in taking away even more time from my daughter to do internships…there are just some sacrifices I don’t want to make.  And along with that, every time I looked at different programs and schools for that I kept hearing that little voice that was reminding me I always wanted to go into Psychology.  So….I went back to looking at schools for those programs and have narrowed it down to 2….which is SOOO much better than the 7 page list I started with!!  The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and Walden University are the 2 I’m looking into .  If you have any input I would certainly appreciate it!! 🙂  I’m sure I’ll keep looking, after all this is a pretty permanent decision!  🙂


Sunday Storytime!

Here are some stories I came across this past week..

  • For my fitbit users…the Force has a big recall due to rashes… glad I have the Flex…


  • This 3-year-old got the best present ever for her birthday!


  • An amazing 12-year-old creates a low-cost Braille printer out of legos!!


  • Happy to hear Heroes is coming back for 13 new episodes!


Hope you all have a great week!!







As I scrolled through FB tonight I saw that an officer took his own life.  No one knows the true situation unless they were actually in that situation.  Yet, that doesn’t stop people from voicing their opinions or judgments.   The media wasted no time to spew off in an attempt for an informational report which had, of course, a negative spin on it (shame on you RJ!)…all for a race to be the first to write a “story” on it.  sad really…

I didn’t know the officer, but when you work for a police department and especially when your loved one and friends are police officers, actually knowing the person doesn’t really matter..it still affects you, in many ways.  It makes you take inventory on your life, each time something traggic happens.  It makes you think twice about every day complaints.  It makes you think twice about decisions you are trying to make and the stress that goes with them seems to disappear.  The pain in my back from exercising this morning seems like nothing now.  The stressful decision about school has disappeared.

Then as I continue to scroll I see posts of people missing their loved ones, in particular their moms and dads.  Ugh…tearing at my heart tonight! My parents live across the country and are making plans to live close by and as much as our lives will change when that happens, I’m excited for it.  I’ve always been close, we talk a few times a week… but I’m at the point in my life where I truly need and want them close by.  I’m sure it has a lot to do with having my daughter, but it’s important to me for her to know both sides of her family.

Then I look at my numbers…my followers from this blog and my fitnessmama blog, twitter, and my facebook page are all growing…it truly warms my heart that so many people care about what I have to say and enjoy it.  I truly enjoy blogging, it is the best type of release for me and I love the blogs that I have been introduced to.  I thank you all so much for your support and for reading. I hope to always give you something worth reading!



Celebrity Friday!

Punky Brewster AKA Soleil Moon Frye

She has been around Hollywood since she was 2 and hit the big time when she was cast as Punky Brewster in 1984 at the age of 7, beating out 3,000 other girls!!

  • But she is much more than an actress and Director… in 2007 with friends, she opened The Little Seed, which is an environmentally-friendly children’s boutique in LA.
  • In 2010, along with Melissa Joan Hart, launched “Better Together” campaign for Gain.
  • You can also add author to her long list of accomplishments. She released Happy Chaos: From Punky to Parenting and My Perfectly Imperfect Adventures in Between”..which just happens to be next on my list of books to read. 🙂
  •  She has 3 beautiful children with husband Jason Goldberg.

Check out her blog with some awesome kids craft ideas and download her “A Right to Play” app!!!


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