My 11 Favorite Apps!

Here are some apps that are my ultimate favorite!  If you don’t already have them, try them out! (BTW I have a Samsung Note II, so find what is compatible with your cell)

Facebook & Twitter of course….  😉

Bank App.. pretty much every bank out there has its own app.   I like this a lot because if I need to transfer money  or pay a bill at the last second, it’s never an issue!

FitBit … if you have an exercise program that includes a band of any type, chances are there’s an app for it!

School…I go to UOP and love their app.  It makes checking on the message board and sometimes submitting a response easy!

Instagram & Pinterest … need I say why? I love checking in and sharing pics.  I also love Pinterest for ideas!

PhotoGrid is what I use to “dress up” pics that I put on Twitter or Facebook!

Dropbox is my new fav.  It uploads all of your photos and videos so that you can access photos and videos from your cell, your desktop, and your laptop, all at once!

Pilates Workout is a great app that I just discovered that has a ton of videos for a quick workout.

And just for fun, Angry Birds!   😉


PS~ All of these apps are free! 🙂



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