Priorities, Perspective and a Preschooler

Every parent should do this 🙂



I was scrubbing the kitchen counter. I wasn’t even sure what spilled substance I was trying to mop up. Melted Popsicle? Maybe. I was so engrossed in my cleaning that I jumped when a dimpled hand flung my most expensive hand towel over the top of the counter.

Standing on his tip-toes with only his curls and a stretched hand visible, my little one began to clean right along with me.

“Where did you get the hand towel?”


“The guest bathroom?”


“It’s decorative. Let’s not clean with it.”

He raised his eyebrows at my decorative towel, wearing the same confused look that my husband does when I tell him that some towels are just for looking.

“Thank you for helping me clean. We make a good team!”

“Yeah. You done yet?”

“Not quite.”

We continued our project inching down the counter. We sighed happily as we finished.


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