Motivation Monday!

Have you ever wondered why diets fail?  I mean like every diet, every time?  I’ve been on so many diets, so many “programs” , so many band wagons, it’s no wonder I’m still dealing with the same issues.  So what is different now?  I’m starting a new program tomorrow…why do I feel confidant this will be different, this will actually work.  Well, I put on a new pair of jeans, same size as my old ones…and could barely breathe, I hate new jeans…I’m always tired, which does NOT work when Ava wants to do things, or I have a paper to write for school.  I’m tired of eating out.  I’m tired of eating the same crap.  I’m just tired….and really annoyed with having the same issues I had when I was 25.  This is different for me because I’ve hit my boiling point.

When I took part in Elf for Health last November, I met some pretty awesome ladies that were great motivators and offered awesome tips that they’ve learned that works for them.  You know what they say, you are what you surround yourself with.   I’m excited to do this and make this happen for me because I’m surrounding myself (even if it is through social media) with people who are excited to be and get healthy!

So after a lot of research, I found a plan, not a diet, not a fad (and since this program has been around for a few years I don’t consider it a fad since I’ve heard and tried almost every “fad” out there), it actually teaches you how to eat, why certain foods are combined, when to eat for boosting your metabolism, etc.   It spells it all out in plain English.  It gives you over 200 recipes so even a picky eater as myself is bound to find something healthy and yummy.  I also chose this path because I tried really hard to find something negative about this program on the internet, which isn’t hard to do for EVERY plan out there…and I found 1 negative video…and she was pretty much put in her place because she was just…well…incorrect…

Here is my motivation, what’s yours?

My #1 motivator!
I will be talking more about this program after I’ve had some time with it. 🙂
Doing this 30 minutes a day activity with Ava was the BEST decision ever!


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