Super Saturday!!

So I had made the goal of running/walking 3 miles for Meg this morning.  Ava and I got up early and she was excited to go to the gym so she could go in the play area and I was excited to get back into the gym and do what I needed to do.  As I approached 1.3 miles I remember thinking “OMG this is taking forever!”  Then I was thinking, “Why did I say I would do 3 miles?!”  It wasn’t that I was hurting, I felt fine, I was just having a programmed lazy moment.  But I stuck with it as the thoughts began pouring in of a mother not being able to be with her kids, Meg’s children would never see their mother again, yeah…I got my motivation back quickly.  I remembered why I was there and reminded myself of how lucky I was to be there.

So I did the run/walk 3.04 miles in 48 minutes, with a 5 minute warm-up in the beginning and a 2 minute cool down in the end.  I was tired, I was in a little pain, my face was beat red, I had ran out of water, I was sweaty, and I was grateful to be going to pick up my daughter.  I was grateful for all the pain I felt.  I was grateful for every bit of it, even the fact that it took a good 2 hours for my lungs to recuperate.  (I really have to run more).  We all take the little things for granted, it happens.  It’s a shame that it takes something tragic to remember why we do the things we do, why we try, why we fight.  I remembered today.  Did you?

20140118_085323 20140117_214746


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