Meg’s Miles…

I would normally do this type of post on Thursday to go with letting you know what to do this weekend….except this is something that needs as much time as possible to get the to word out.

On Monday of this week, a wife, a mother of  3, a substitute teacher, a runner, a friend, and so much more, was killed during her training run.  It has to be one of the most horrific stories I’ve come across in a long time.  She was on a training run with her husband, who is a Sgt with the Ashland Police Dept. in VA.   What happened?  She was hit by a doctor who has been charged with DUI… 8 in the morning.

I didn’t see this story on the news, I didn’t hear about it on the radio…I read about it on Facebook.  Someone who knew her simply put it out there for people to please run or walk in her memory this Saturday.  Within no time the number of people who have joined this event has reached over 50,000 people joining in the memory walk/run.  I encourage you to join us.  I have just got back into running, but my goal is to run/walk 3 miles in her name.   Below is a picture you can hopefully right click and save to print out as a racing bib, and also a picture you can use to change your Facebook profile picture to.

To read more about this tragic story:

If you participate please wear her favorite color, blue.

Thank you and I hope you sign up.

IMG_132727376404761 IMG_137269645426640


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