Motivation Monday!

So I’m proud to say that I’m still on the motivation train.  I was a little concerned because of course it’s easier to find the time to prepare good meals and work out when you’re on vacation.  So last week was my first full week back at work and it was certainly a struggle.  I think Ava and I missed one day of exercise but we didn’t give up!  I have to say that having her do the 100 day challenge with me has helped motivate me tremendously!  It’s hard to quit or shrug it off when she comes home so excited to fill in another part of the 100 day challenge shoe. 🙂

Another part of my motivation is the new series Tone It Up on Bravo (Thursdays, 1030pm–check your listings for the correct time in your area) .  I actually heard about them through the Elf for Health challenge back in November.  I’ve done a couple of their workouts and am seriously considering their Protein Fit products.  The products are organic and plant-based and actually don’t cost a ridiculous amount.  Then the girls got their own series and it’s even more in my face.  I usually can’t stand girls that look like this, but I kinda like them…they push me…so what the hell?  Image


After I try their products I will be sure to do a product review and share my thoughts. 🙂



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