Designated Spaces

One Organized Mama

I like labels. Labels help you decide how to use a space and remind you and others where things belong in your home.

I have a room which is a pass-through space where the front door, door to garage, and stairs all converge. We aren’t in the market for anything too formal considering backpacks and Thomas the Tank Engine tend to creep into this area. It makes a nice place to put a Christmas tree but has yet to have a defined purpose beyond that.

I decided I’m going to label the space for not only me but for my family to see. This way ONLY items relating to this space’s purpose will be invited in.

I try not to be too Mommy Dearest when organizing my home, but visions of quiet, kid-free, book reading, coffee sipping mornings will motivate me to make sure this room’s new purpose is achieved!

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