Celebrity Friday!

She’s a German-American model, a mother, businesswoman, designer, television host, and in 2011 she led a 5k walk to benefit the Children’s Hospital in LA.  She often donates her dresses for charity events, on top of being involved any way that she can for numerous other charities.

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Heidi Klum is an example of a beauty with brains and compassion.   🙂


Things to do Thursday!

Here are some great ideas to do with the kids from http://spoonful.com/crafts

You can also go to their site and subscribe to get crafts emailed to you!





Just in time for super bowl Sunday, family flag football!




And to go with that, here are some recipes for Game Day!

game day grub



Also, don’t forget the library!

Have a great weekend!


The Magic of a Snow Day in the South

Since I live in Las Vegas and the weather is sunny 65, I wanted to step into the world where there actually 4 seasons…although I am happy to take my 65 over the cold white stuff that is causing so much chaos!

Mom in the Muddle

Snow day. When I was a kid, those words were like music to my ears. I didn’t hear them often growing up near the southern coast of Virginia. We didn’t have snow boots or snow pants or even a sled. When it snowed, we just put on tights under our jeans and played outside until our skin stung. I’d peel off wet layers to reveal cold, red legs that could only be warmed by pj’s and blankets and playing Barbies on my shag carpet.

When I was really little, I wore my Snoopy rubber rain boots in the snow, the ones that said “Good” on the left foot and “Grief” on the right, except I could never remember whether it was “Good Grief” or “Grief Good.” I wasn’t a Snoopy fan really. The snow was pretty deep one year and when I ran, those rubber boots stayed in the…

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Motivation Monday!

Here are some awesome motivational posts that kept me going last week….

IMG_42801221163626 IMG_42879590923329 IMG_43024490319815 IMG_43398614313119 IMG_43470013882903

Apparently they helped… In 5 days I was down:

calf: -1.5″

Thigh -.5″

Hips -.5″

Waist -.5″

Abs -1.5″

Torso -2″

and weight  -3.4lbs.

Getting started is the easy part, keeping it going is where the motivation comes into play.




My 11 Favorite Apps!

Here are some apps that are my ultimate favorite!  If you don’t already have them, try them out! (BTW I have a Samsung Note II, so find what is compatible with your cell)

Facebook & Twitter of course….  😉

Bank App.. pretty much every bank out there has its own app.   I like this a lot because if I need to transfer money  or pay a bill at the last second, it’s never an issue!

FitBit … if you have an exercise program that includes a band of any type, chances are there’s an app for it!

School…I go to UOP and love their app.  It makes checking on the message board and sometimes submitting a response easy!

Instagram & Pinterest … need I say why? I love checking in and sharing pics.  I also love Pinterest for ideas!

PhotoGrid is what I use to “dress up” pics that I put on Twitter or Facebook!

Dropbox is my new fav.  It uploads all of your photos and videos so that you can access photos and videos from your cell, your desktop, and your laptop, all at once!

Pilates Workout is a great app that I just discovered that has a ton of videos for a quick workout.

And just for fun, Angry Birds!   😉


PS~ All of these apps are free! 🙂


Organizing Give-Away Time!!!

One Organized Mama

First, thank you to all who follow my blog www.oneorganizedmama.wordpress.com and also on Facebook and Pinterest!

I periodically do a give-away for a $25 gift card to The Container Store as a thank you.

So TRIPLE your chances to win by following my blog, on Pinterest, or hitting like on my Facebook page.

I will choose another winner for a $25 The Container Store gift card on February 1st!

Help me spread the word!!

Enjoy Life Organized!



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Ten Benefits Of Being Organized

Stay tuned for some great organizing tips!

One Organized Mama

Ten Benefits Of Being Organized

For the next ten days I am going to share a benefit once a day that will inspire you to get and live organized.


How many times have you purchased something that you could swear you just bought but can’t find? Well reason numero uno on how getting and staying organized will save you money!

Getting organized prevents you from making unnecessary purchases. I make sure every item in my home has a place so I am not running to the post office to buy more stamps or purchasing more dishwasher detergent because I have no idea where the new box was placed.

For most items such as cleaners, milk, printer ink cartridges I keep two on hand.

When one gets used up, I know it’s time to purchase a new one and place it behind the older item. That way I never run out…

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Celebrity Friday!

Remember the movie Firestarter?  E.T. for sure right?  Performing is in her blood, literally, it’s what her family did and what she has done since the age of 11 months!

drew4  drew

Drew Barrymore is one of the few that went through the typical Hollywood scene, getting involved in drugs and suffered from alcohol abuse.  There was an attempted suicide and she was emancipated from her parents.  But she made it, and in a big way!

  • She has her own production company, Flower Films.  (Never Been Kissed, Charlie’s Angels, 50 First Dates, Music and Lyrics, Donnie Darco…)
  • No surprise she has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Has been named as an Ambassador Against Hunger for the UN World Food Program
  • CoverGirl spokeswoman
  • Is the face for Gucci’s jewelry line
  • Has won numerous awards for her acting skills
  • She has been married 3 times (3rd times the charm ;))  and is pregnant with her 2nd child with her husband Will Kopelman.

She is a true role model, she has shown the world, even the Hollywood world, that you can fall down, but if you get back up you can be back on top and better than ever!

drew2 drew3