Motivation Monday!

Well, it was a Monday after a holiday, a Monday before a holiday and my Monday after my mini vacation…but, I can still manage to find a reason, or 2, to stay motivated.

I’ve had my fitbit flex for a full week now.  I decided to take the plunge and get started on a healthier life all around.  I’ve been saying it for a while, I’ve started and stopped for what seems like forever, then to go as the perfect pairing and a positive sign, I received a juicer for Christmas.  I couldn’t have gotten a more perfect gift at the most perfect time for me!

So here’s what’s different, I decided not to just jump in and change everything in my life at one time, that’s what I’ve always done and apparently that hasn’t worked very well for me.  So, I’ve started with taking the past week with tracking every single thing I eat and watching how much I move on a daily basis.  The fitbit helps enormously with this as it tracks my steps, allows me to track my calorie intake and shows me what my output is.  It also tracks my sleeping pattern and I get to see how much restless sleep I get…afterall not getting enough sleep or good quality sleep can hinder your weight reduction progress.  WARNING though… I have the Samsung Galaxy Note II cell phone and I truly think this app is what crashed my phone…well it’s the last app that I downloaded before chaos ensued… but…I was horrible at leaving all my apps running in the background…so since I’ve gotten my phone wiped ( 😦 ) I simply close out of the app after I have synced the fitbit and logged my calories and I haven’t had a problem since.  (THANK GOODNESS!)

I’ve been trying out the juicer and frankly, I’ve become obsessed with finding yummy recipes.  I will be weighing myself and taking measurements on what better day than Jan. 1, 2014.


I am committing myself to you and to myself, that I will be updating my progress on a bi-weekly basis.  I will share with you juicing recipes that I try, whether I like them or not (and trust me, I’m brutally honest because I’m a VERY picky eater!)

BTW, here is my next fitness challenge, starting Jan. 1st!! :


Oh and another important change that is what will make the difference for me…I have a workout buddy and her name is Ava…. lead by example right?   😉




2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday!

    1. oh yay!! I’m so excited! I’ve just done apples to make apple juice (adding water to dilute) and oranges for oj (also adding water to dilute) and I made a berry juice that was SOO yummy! 2 apples, 3 cups of strawberries and half of a lime… wow was that good!! 🙂


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