Hello…over here!

Ok so…I hit 254 followers on my blog…and then my cell crashed, taking with it my backup password app to get into my blog…apparently I didn’t save anything that could prove I was the owner of http://www.allthingsmommy.net (note to self, keep everything with this blog!!).  Luckily I was able to just change the website address on my fb page, which apparently you’re only allowed to do once… so here I am….new blog…new look…new day!

I’m going to take this time to revamp a bit.  I’m keeping what seemed to be a hit over the last 7 months (trying not to cry…that was a lot of work for 7 months, only missing one day of postings…sigh…).  I have no way of reaching those 254 followers other than posting and pleading on twitter and facebook…but that’s ok…could be worse right?  yeah…anyway… so I’ll be doing a Monday Motivation, Tuesdays with Ted, Things to do Thursdays, and Celebrity Fridays.

I can only hope that I’ll find my way back to my followers and look forward to gaining more!



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