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Abha Dawesar:  Life in the “digital now”

What would you do in a natural disaster?  Are you prepared?  Would you be able to function without your cell phone, ipad, the internet, every different version of a game system, or your laptop?

  • living in the past and the future is not the way to live…
  • we need to be able to see things for what they are, we need to slow down.
  • technology has done great at giving the illusion that because it’s available to us, it’s available to everyone.
  • There are more people in India with access to cell phones than toilets.
  • Aren’t our children better off learning from us rather than google?  (maybe not math, in my case, but still…)

Your story is not just about one chapter, it’s not about one heartache, one moment of happiness, one bad day…it’s about all of the chapters of your life!




Motivation Monday!

Well, it was a Monday after a holiday, a Monday before a holiday and my Monday after my mini vacation…but, I can still manage to find a reason, or 2, to stay motivated.

I’ve had my fitbit flex for a full week now.  I decided to take the plunge and get started on a healthier life all around.  I’ve been saying it for a while, I’ve started and stopped for what seems like forever, then to go as the perfect pairing and a positive sign, I received a juicer for Christmas.  I couldn’t have gotten a more perfect gift at the most perfect time for me!

So here’s what’s different, I decided not to just jump in and change everything in my life at one time, that’s what I’ve always done and apparently that hasn’t worked very well for me.  So, I’ve started with taking the past week with tracking every single thing I eat and watching how much I move on a daily basis.  The fitbit helps enormously with this as it tracks my steps, allows me to track my calorie intake and shows me what my output is.  It also tracks my sleeping pattern and I get to see how much restless sleep I get…afterall not getting enough sleep or good quality sleep can hinder your weight reduction progress.  WARNING though… I have the Samsung Galaxy Note II cell phone and I truly think this app is what crashed my phone…well it’s the last app that I downloaded before chaos ensued… but…I was horrible at leaving all my apps running in the background…so since I’ve gotten my phone wiped ( 😦 ) I simply close out of the app after I have synced the fitbit and logged my calories and I haven’t had a problem since.  (THANK GOODNESS!)

I’ve been trying out the juicer and frankly, I’ve become obsessed with finding yummy recipes.  I will be weighing myself and taking measurements on what better day than Jan. 1, 2014.


I am committing myself to you and to myself, that I will be updating my progress on a bi-weekly basis.  I will share with you juicing recipes that I try, whether I like them or not (and trust me, I’m brutally honest because I’m a VERY picky eater!)

BTW, here is my next fitness challenge, starting Jan. 1st!! :


Oh and another important change that is what will make the difference for me…I have a workout buddy and her name is Ava…. lead by example right?   😉



Sunday Stories…

Here are some stories you should have heard about…



Old vs new

When Ava and I were at the library we rented a couple of strawberry shortcake movies.  I was excited because this was one of my favorite shows as a child.  She watches the new version sometimes on television, but it’s just not the same.  Then I started taking a closer look at the television series that’s on now and I noticed something that I hadn’t noticed before.  The difference in appearance between the Strawberry Shortcake of then and the Strawberry Shortcake of now.

The series went from the 1980s from looking more like a ragdoll…

strawberry shortcake

To 2003 looking more human….


To now…


Now, I understand the need to upgrade to keep the character interesting and popular…but it just seems to play on looks a little too much… just saying…


Moments That Matter Mondays: Thank You Cancer

Remembering what is important…

One Organized Mama


Yeah I said it. The “c” word.

It is a Monday morning, two days before Christmas none the less, and I find myself sitting in a hospital room waiting for my dear husband as he endures yet another bone marrow biopsy.

He was diagnosed on February 17, 2011 with a chronic form of leukemia (CML). After five months of dating someone most people would be wondering if this person was the “one”. I on the other hand found myself thrust into hours of internet research on leukemia, which looking back I realized I must have known he WAS the “one”. We didn’t hesitate with our future plans and have forged full speed ahead since.

We are extremely fortunate that he has responded remarkably well to a daily oral treatment.

Hopefully today’s test results will confirm remission and take our oncology visits from four times a year down to only twice…

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Hello…over here!

Ok so…I hit 254 followers on my blog…and then my cell crashed, taking with it my backup password app to get into my blog…apparently I didn’t save anything that could prove I was the owner of http://www.allthingsmommy.net (note to self, keep everything with this blog!!).  Luckily I was able to just change the website address on my fb page, which apparently you’re only allowed to do once… so here I am….new blog…new look…new day!

I’m going to take this time to revamp a bit.  I’m keeping what seemed to be a hit over the last 7 months (trying not to cry…that was a lot of work for 7 months, only missing one day of postings…sigh…).  I have no way of reaching those 254 followers other than posting and pleading on twitter and facebook…but that’s ok…could be worse right?  yeah…anyway… so I’ll be doing a Monday Motivation, Tuesdays with Ted, Things to do Thursdays, and Celebrity Fridays.

I can only hope that I’ll find my way back to my followers and look forward to gaining more!